About Reseller Subscriptions

To sell on Supribuy, a Supplier must have an active Supribuy Seller Account Number (SSA). A monthly subscription fee is due for any Supplier that has active listings on Supribuy. The Supribuy Seller account comes with an Account Executive that is available to you at no additional cost. You also receive reports, analytics and statements on your product performance and sales.
Furthermore, you get access to one of the most knowledgeable teams when it comes to Digital Marketing and Product Imagery helping us improve your product presence online and sales. Digital Marketing and Product Imagery is free, however, should you decide to have a much more comprehensive insights, product development plan and other digital marketing services, you may be required to pay for such services.

Supribuy Reseller Subscriptions

Supribuy will charge a monthly subscription fee of R175.00 per seller account/month with a recurring monthly subscription over a period of 3 months. You can choose to cancel your account at any time however a 15-day notice is required before subscription due date otherwise the charges for the subsequent month are due.

Please enter your SSA Number below to process your subscription payments. Your account will be debited R175/month for 3 months after that Supribuy will ask you to renew your subscriptions: